I am Rosyna. I code stuff for Mac OS X. My specialty is finding and  fixing really obscure bugs in source code bases I have no familiarity with.

You can reach me via email by sending an email to "rosyna" @ <iTools, .Mac, MobileMe, or the iCloud domain name> . or you can reach me via twitter (@rosyna).


I'm looking for a software development position where I can extend and improve a product I am passionate about.

I have been designing, developing, shipping, and supporting software for over 12 years, with a focus on creating software that increases productivity through customization.


Languages: Proficient in C, Objective-C; Familiar with AppleScript, implementing AppleScript support in applications, shell scripting, C++.

Debugging and Reverse Engineering: Using gdb/lldb, nm, otool, and sample. I excel at reverse engineering. If you read this blog here on Paradise Façade you'll see many examples of my reverse engineering skill set.

Leadership: Partner in Unsanity LLC, managed engineering efforts among multiple products for over 10 years.

Style: Tenaciously investigates bugs, Bugs will not get away from me. I learn new technologies extremely quickly.



Lead Programmer, Unsanity — 2002–2013

Videos of some of what I worked on.

Silly Effect - Normal Menus - YouTube 

Silly Effect - Dark Menus - YouTube 

(The Below Links are no longer live and instead point to links on The Internet Wayback Machine)

Responsible for feature direction and maintenance of the following products:


Run-time code injection framework.

Uses CoreFoundation, POSIX I/O, AppKit, mach messaging.


System-wide runtime font substitution utility.

Uses NSFont, ATSUI, CoreText, QuickDraw.


WYSIWYG font menu and panel customization utility.

Uses HIToolbox, CarbonEvents, AppleEvents, ATSUI, CoreText, CoreGraphics, ImageIO, sqlite.


Menu customization utility.

Uses HIToolbox, CarbonEvents, NSMenu, Carbon Data Browser, heavily took advantage of the Objective-C runtime.

MENU Extra Enabler

Third-party Menu Extra enabler.

Uses the Objective-C runtime, works around rdar://4196745.

Unsanity Updater

Unsanity-specific software updater.

Uses CoreServices, Foundation, DiskImages, LaunchServices.

Lead Technical Support, Unsanity — 03/2000–2013

Responsibilities: Addressed customer support request via email, relayed bug details to programmers, sought beneficial new technologies, and assisted other support personnel.

Additional projects available on request.

Software Engineer contracted by Apple — 2010–2012

Worked with the Fonts and Typography group ( to track down security bugs, bizarre crashing bugs and obsoleting old code.

Software Engineer contracted by Layered Logic — 2012

Worked on QuickBooks Pro for Mac. Finding and fixing obscure bugs while helping to modernize their code base.

Software Engineer contracted by ecamm — 2012-2013

Worked on modernizing the code base for iGlasses ( Fixing bugs, greatly modernizing codebase, Added AppleScript support to iGlasses (made iGlasses Scriptable). Added Apple Remote support to iGlasses to zoom, rotate, pan, and tilt. Worked a lot with Quartz Composer.